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6 Reasons Your Current Office Chair May Be Causing Your Back Pain

6 Reasons Your Current Office Chair May Be Causing Your Back Pain

If you spend long hours working on a computer, you have likely experienced back pain or neck pain. Slight adjustments like a lumbar support pillow or additional padding will help in the short term, but serious work from home professionals have found that the best investment in their health and productivity is a high end office chair.

The study of ergonomics shows that efficiency is impacted greatly by the comfort of workers. It makes sense without the science, but only the most efficient corporate environments invest in their workforce’s day-to-day comfort.

If you are experiencing back pain that takes away from your work productivity and overall health and well-being, consider an ergonomic office chair that is designed to support problem areas and prevent injuries. 

This blog will explain 6 reasons why your current office chair may be causing your back pain.

1. Regular Chairs Are Not Made For Long-Term Use 

The average office chair is not treated like a high stakes investment. You will be quick to settle for a factory standard chair that has a decent price, because if it’s good enough for the 9-to-5ers, it’s good enough for you. 

But ergonomic office chairs will provide stability and support that can stand up to the hours of work you’ll be putting in on your chair.

2. Your Back is Not Supported

A fully supportive office chair will be contoured to support your entire spine. After all, your back is the center of your entire body. 

A lot of mysterious pain or discomfort can be traced back to an imbalance in your back. And when you have severe back pain, it can lead to discomfort in other parts of your body. High level performers do not have time to be sidelined by back pain. That’s why it’s so important to get chairs with sufficient back support.

3. Your Neck is Being Strained

Most regular chairs are not high enough to support your neck and head. This causes slouching and unhealthy postures that keep you in pain. Invest in neck supporting chairs and accessories to avoid this.

4. Your Arms And Legs Need Love

Extra padding and support for your limbs could be the difference between the perfect posture and long-term nerve damage. Use whatever support you can to give your hands, arms and legs added cushion. 

5. Mobility Will Keep Your Blood Flowing

Having a chair that doesn’t move easily will keep you sedentary for longer than mobile chairs with wheels. Rolling around the room to grab a file or just to lean back and relax is an important addition that keeps your muscles loose and blood flowing.

6. Your Office Set Up is Not Optimized

Even if you have the perfect chair, you could still be doing damage to your back and neck. Your desk and monitors should be positioned correctly so that your posture is stable at all times. Additional details like natural sunlight and office accessories can also complement your ergonomic office chair, which is the flagship item of your ideal office setup.

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