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Your one stop shop for home & office needs. At Shopango, we go beyond the transaction and aim to be there to support our customers throughout the entire journey

Our Vision And Goals

Shopango is the preferred furniture retailer for shoppers who need variety, value, and  high quality options for the spaces where life's most important moments happen. Whether you are outfitting a work from home office to close that big deal, or filling a living room where friends, family, and neighbors can come together, Shopango’s curated selection will serve as the perfect backdrop for your home, office, and beyond.  Regardless if you're shopping for a bedroom, home office, or outdoor space, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible prices with dependable customer service that keeps your shopping experience easy and free of stress for you and your loved ones.

What Is Shopango?

Shopango is an e-commerce retailer that provides phenomenal products at competitive prices and quality customer service on a consistent basis.  Buying furniture online can be a high friction experience, and Shopango’s mission is to solve the friction and inefficiencies that exist in the market.  By leveraging technology and relationships with manufacturers, Shopango's founders were able to build one of the fastest-growing e-tailers around.

Shopango’s team strives to deliver service levels that are not available from most internet sellers, with prices and inventory that are rare to find in person. We guarantee a stress-free purchasing experience that includes total visibility with  every product available through curated photos, real customer reviews, and thorough product specs and information. If you need more info on a potential purchase, our satisfaction team is highly trained to find solutions to your problems while staying engaged and seeing them through to the end.

At Shopango we know that competitive prices don’t have to mean poor quality of products and services. We have a careful process in place to vet new suppliers and products, ensuring we only bring the best of the best to our customers. Our network of trusted brands are highly reviewed and cooperate thoroughly with all vendors’ to optimize the sourcing, shipping, and quality of all products. We also offer return policies for worst case scenarios, even though we strongly encourage vendors to guarantee extended warranty coverages for any product they provide.

Our Commitment To Customer Service

We hire and train our service team to find solutions for you while answering any questions you may have along the way. Our unique method of sourcing products from high quality affordable dealers makes it easy for our customers to find beautiful and long-lasting products regardless of budget. We also go above and beyond to provide accommodative return policies and extended warranties that cover your products.

Home Furniture Retailer That Cares

Most online companies will rush you through the e-commerce experience than take their time getting you what you ordered. We place a premium on our customer experience from A-to-Z. We don’t settle for cheap sellers and products, and neither should our valued customers. To live up to the standard we set, we strive to get all products to you as quickly as possible.

Speed Is Our Specialty

Shopango is short for “SHOP AND GO”.  We chose this name because we know how important it is to get your products fast and on-time. You don’t have time to wait for low inventory sellers and slow shippers who don’t keep you updated. Trust our team’s expert experience in creating a digital and physical shopping experience that brings the perfect furniture pieces and accessories through your screen and directly into your home. All you have to do is shop and go!

If you do not receive the item you ordered or simply don’t think it’s the right fit, either Shopango or the original supplier will quickly send you a replacement piece or refund. We know the value of our high-rated customer reviews online, so we work every day to maintain the reputation of excellence Shopango stands on.

Why We Stand Out From Our Competition

Most home furniture retailers are not worried about you after the transaction is done. We’ve all had nightmare scenarios with online shopping, but nobody wants to take that risk on an order as important as their bed, office desk, or gaming chair

The products we provide are crucial to your daily health and wellness. It’s our honor to help you find the home furniture goods that transform your space into home.

Our mission is to fix the high friction that exists when buying furniture online. Our team is committed to enhance the experience that our customers have at Shopango. We are highly passionate about increasing the standards of the industry and build a strong bond with our customers.  

We Understand Your Grind

Whether you are a serious gamer who is shopping for the perfect high-end gaming chair, or a remote employee who needs to upgrade their office setup, Shopango is here to support your dreams. We’re a small business that continues to fight through these uncertain times and it is a great honor to help all of our customers live their best possible lives in comfort and joy.

Are You Ready to Shop-And-Go With The Shopango Pros?

Check out our incredible inventory of office furniture, kitchen goods, gaming furniture and other home goods and accessories. We love  our mix of modern styles, state of the art technology and fun icebreakers- and we know you will too.

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