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Here are the Best Office Chairs Under $200 for Gaming

Here are the Best Office Chairs Under $200 for Gaming

Shopping for the best office chairs under $200 for gaming doesn’t have to be tedious. Sure, the very best gaming chairs are usually closer to $300 or $400 before customization. But if your needs are not high maintenance, you can still secure a state-of-the-art gaming chair with a simple life hack. Just look across the aisle for office chairs. 

Just like gaming chairs, office chairs are a serious investment that will impact your health, comfort, and overall quality of work. The ergonomic designs available in most office chairs today make it possible to get long-term comfort while you game without breaking the bank.

Here are the best office chairs under $200 for gaming, including the best values for various size and specialty needs.

Techni Mobili Mid Back Office Chair

Designed by the same company that makes the top gaming chair on the market, this certified Techni office chair can double as a gaming chair if your budget is tight. Make sure to note that the max weight capacity is 150 pounds, so it’s only for smaller at-home employees. Still, you’ll be blown away by the value of your Techni Mobili Height Adjustable Mid Back Office Chair thanks to its removable fabric back cover.

Made with soft breathable, durable fabric, this chair is mobile, flexible (360 degree swivel) and durable enough to handle heavy hours of work at the office or on your game console.

Techni Mobili Modern Studio Office Chair

With a 200 pound weight limit, this elegantly designed office chair is both functional and fashionable. Highlighted by Techni’s signature high back geometrical design, gamers will respect the brand and performance of this studio office chair. 

The plush fabric and mobility are added bonuses that match the state-of-the-art look that will catch eyes while supporting your neck and back. The investment will pay off the first day you begin to proactively prevent any possible discomfort, injury or poor performance.

Techni Modern Sport Modern Office Chair

This super comfy Techni Mobili Medium Back Manager Chair turns heads with its curved ergonomic Techniflex design. 

The 5-star nylon base and padded armrest will stand up to intenses sessions for long periods, while the pneumatic seat height adjustment and locking tilt with tension control make sure you're comfortable at all times. 

As far as it’s max capacity, the 220 weight limit is closer to what you would find from a high-end gaming chair, making this an absolute steal for anyone in need of an affordable chair to game in.

Shopango Offers Only The Most Affordable Office Chairs on The Market

If you’re looking for an office chair that will prove to be a worthwhile investment (and will also save you money) then get yours from Shopango.

Shopango possesses quality office chairs provided by some of the industry’s most reliable suppliers. And we’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

Feel free to browse through our product listings if you wish to make a purchase.
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