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How to Create an Ergonomic And Efficient Work From Home Office

How to Create an Ergonomic And Efficient Work From Home Office

The work from home economy is booming. Even before the pandemic forced more workers to turn their living rooms into offices, there were new remote contractors and employees joining the workforce everyday. That’s because both employees and independent contractors are seeing the advantages of working from home.

But a challenge for many new WFH pros is coming up with work from home office ideas that allow them to be just as productive at work as any office or coffee shop. Even vets of the WFH life can see their efficiency and comfort improve with the right office adjustments.

Looking for work from home office ideas? Here’s how to create an ergonomic work from home office space.

What Is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the scientific pursuit of efficiency. It’s a science that aims to discover how one can improve their efficiency and productivity while also remaining comfortable as they work. 

Achieving ergonomic status is possible through various activities, but it’s also possible through the implementation of certain furniture and accessories. Customizing your space with art, posters and outdoor vantage points is a good way to practice ergonomics. Sunlight and soothing sounds can be surprisingly effective at elevating moods as well. 

Other important tips from ergonomics experts include self-care reminders about lunch and physical breaks where you walk around, stretch or do a light physical activity. You may be surprised to see that your work improves when you return from a break with more focus.

What Are The Basic Principles of The Science of Ergonomics?

According to research, ergonomic science prioritizes keeping people safe and comfortable while they work, as a means to keep them productive. Taking all human traits into account, ergonomic scientists seek to maximize worker capabilities and minimize their limitations from a mental and physical perspective. Reversing against the “one-size-fits-all” approach of assembly line style work, ergonomics seeks to customize the work experience of every worker. 

Rather than making workers adapt to fit the assignment, ergonomics principles attempt to adjust every assignment to fit the worker.

10 Mitigation Principles

  1. Maintain Neutral Postures — Neutral positions for your spine will keep pressure off the rest of your joints and keep you at peak performance.
  2. Minimize Contact Stress — Workers should fit into work space without any awkward postures or dangerous contact with sharp or hard edges/
  3. Minimize Reaching — Provide workspaces that keep elbows at sides instead of constantly reaching for things
  4. Proper Height Acces — Tasks should be handled between midthigh and the shoulder area of the workers body
  5. Avoid Excessive Force — Leverage mechanical-assist devices and carts to lighten load or provide assistance from co-workers
  6. Minimize Excessive Motion — Use mechanical devices and technology to keep human motion limited
  7. Avoid Static Muscle Fatigue — Fixtures will keep muscles from chronic tension and stress from long-term fatigue
  8. Movement and Stretching — exercise hydration and regular motion are key to keeping workers ima healthy and productive state.
  9. Create a Comfortable Environment — lighting, noise, human contact and vibrations can all wear on workers over time
  10.  Use Job Rotation — Hiring a team of workers that can split workload will reduce exposure to risk and add task variety

What Makes an Efficient Work From Home Space?

Ergonomics studies have shown that it’s important to consider the need for healthy movement throughout the work day.

Because traditional office furniture is stiff, they can force unnatural postures that hurt productivity and health. Height-adjustable desks are one proven solution to the negative effects of a sedentary office setup. Another important tool is a chair that provides padded lumbar and neck support.

If you are at home, you have the freedom to customize your ergonomic experience even further than at a traditional office. Consider a desk that will allow you to work while standing or sitting and a chair with high-quality padding and adjustment settings.

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