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How to Create the Perfect Gaming Space at Home

How to Create the Perfect Gaming Space at Home

Gaming space ideas are hard to come by. There’s so many details to consider that it can be overwhelming, but if you are ready to build the perfect gaming space for yourself or a loved one, make sure you consider every element of the experience. 

This blog will walk you through the journey of implementing gaming space ideas in your home or recreational space, whether you are planning for console, PC, or mobile gameplay.

Wifi Station

Your gaming setup will require a strong wifi connection to get going. Console players will need wifi to download new games and play online with friends and PC-gamers need a connection for almost every type of gameplay. Invest in a top broadband or fiber optic provider in your area to avoid lagging load times and interrupted gameplay online.


Only 8% of gamers consider themselves to be primarily console users. But console gamers also have the highest spending per player. Whether it’s the new Playstation, XBOX, or a vintage Nintendo, a lot goes into creating the proper gaming experience. Here are the key parts of a great console set-up.

Television Stands

The screen you hook your console up to is the gateway to a high quality gaming experience. The days of matching red, yellow, and white chords in the back of your TV should be a thing of the past unless you’re enjoying a retro gaming experience. Look for 4K smart TVs to get the most out of next-gen systems like the new XBOX series or Playstation 5.


Comfort is key for any gamer. Long hours on a cheap or unsupportive couch will drastically affect your gameplay. Don’t be stingy about finding gaming chairs, sofas, recliners, and other seating arrangements that are both sturdy and comfy for your main gamer and potential guests. Console tables and TV stands may also be needed for certain set-ups to store games and accessories. Don’t overlook the potential use of a bookshelf or coffee table as well.

Audio System

Many video games have the production quality of a Hollywood film. Don’t miss out on great sound effects, music soundtracks, and cutscene dialog because you’re relying on your television’s factory standard speakers. Add an audio system to add surround sound, if possible.

Desks And Mouses

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good desk or mouse pad. Sturdiness, comfort and look all make a difference when you’ll be spending hours upon hours beating the competition. Your fingers and your back will thank you later.


The screen you hook up to your PC is just as important as the television screen you use for movies and console gaming. Standard computer screens will lose much of the graphic quality that gamers love.


Streaming platforms like Twitch are an essential part of the gaming universe. An aesthetically-pleasing background will help gamers who stream for viewers build a respectable brand. A web-cam or additional camera set-up that can capture the gamer as they play will add another dimension to the gaming experience for high-level players.

VR and AR

With the incredible innovations hitting the virtual reality scene, you’ll want to prepare your gamer space for the future of gaming. Cool gaming gear like virtual reality headsets are made better by a comfortable floor surface, well-spaced room or screens that can be suspended from the wall.


Extra controllers and batteries are a no-brainer for experienced gamers. But what about headsets, decor, and memorabilia? Spice up your gaming space with these often overlooked items.


Take it back to the glory days of gaming by adding an old-time favorite arcade game and nostalgic snacks. 

all of that gaming is sure to work up an appetite. Plan ahead with a mini-fridge, snack pantry, bar storage or other vending options that will keep the games going for hours without having to pause for constant kitchen runs.

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