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What Are The Best Gaming Chair Brands?

What Are The Best Gaming Chair Brands?

Gamers are always asking “what are the best gaming chairs?” The answer usually comes down to your performance needs, but you usually can trust certain brands to produce higher quality chairs than others on a consistent basis. 

Just like athletes demand the best equipment for their performance, gamers are serious about the gaming chair they choose and the specifications they expect. You will be putting in heavy hours in your chair if you’re a serious gamer, so it’s crucial to study the best options before committing.

All gaming chairs are not created equal. Depending on the brand you choose, a quality gaming chair will have padding and design features that maximize players comfort. Some high-end gaming chairs can weigh in at 500 pounds and sellers can demand as much as $500 to buy before customizations.

The Top Gaming Chair Brands

Few chairs are respected among serious gamers that expect high-end quality and comfort from their gaming chair. Many serious gamers will not even pick up the joystick if they can’t count on extended comfort in their surroundings. Browse this list of the top brands to find your next pilot seat and get in the game like a champion.

  • OP Seat 

Known for the Grand Master Series, this brand began providing quality chairs in 2012 and quickly shot to the top of the market thanks to elite engineering and comfort.

This brand is best known for it’s TS44 Echo Series and other race-inspired designs. With 19 years of experience in the game, their customers are proud and loyal to the high quality chairs they’ve come to expect from Techni Sport.

  • Puma

PlaySeat is a brilliant crossover product from popular athletic brand Puma which has changed gaming by “providing the comfort, freedom of movement and total control standards of the future.”

  • GT Omega 

Makers of the popular Pro Series, GT is a king of the gaming chair industry thanks to consistent products and customer service.

  • Respawn 

Since 2017, RESPAWN has specialized in premium manufacturing, peak adjustability options and ergonomic comfort controls that will soothe even the most intense gamers.

  • DXRacer 

The Formula Series of gaming chairs is a favorite among gamers who spend hours racing on PC games.

  • Secretlab 

TITAN Series products have taken the market by storm thanks in part to their award winning products and strong customer warranties.

Honorable Mentions

Check out these other leading chair brands as you shop around for the perfect throne to rule the competition. Depending on your specific gaming needs, your ideal brand could be any of these popular choices.

  • Corsair
  • Maingear
  • Maxnomic
  • Cougar Armor
  • Vertagear
  • Noblechairs
  • E-WIN
  • Clutch Chairz
  • Brazen
  • Killabee
  • X Rocker

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