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5 Benefits of Choosing a Standing Desk

5 Benefits of Choosing a Standing Desk

Standing desks are a hot item for work from home professionals who are serious about protecting their health. Back problems are common for office workers who put in long hours behind a desk, and that’s only the beginning of the health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle. To combat the epidemic of back and neck pain damaging the quality of life and productivity of workers everywhere, science discovered that working from a standing position has many benefits. This blog will explain the many benefits of choosing a standing desk to maximize your efficiency and wellbeing.

Prevent Obesity And Weight Gain

Studies show that standing up while working can burn additional calories and promote better blood flow to your muscles. You will feel the difference almost instantly and as you get more used to working from a standing position, you’ll be getting stronger and more fit away from the gym. Standing while working makes it easy to incorporate exercise breaks and will make you feel more confident as you speak on the phone and complete your work for extended periods.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Experts have found that standing while working helped lower blood pressure levels of 10 office workers who stood while working for 180 minutes after lunch. Blood sugar spikes were reduced by 43% when measured against standing levels.

Reduced Heart Disease Risks

Prolonged sedentary time is believed to increase heart disease risk by up to 147%. Long periods of sitting can be so detrimental to your health that even an hour of exercise per day cannot undo the negative effects. There is also a higher association between extended sedentary time and type 2 diabetes. Study participants who sit the most run a 49% higher risk than counterparts who sit the least. The solution is suggested by another study that showed sitting 3 hours per day would increase the average life expectancy of Americans by 2 years.

More Energy, Better Moods, And Productivity

You will instantly notice a change in your energy levels while you work once you start standing. Your body will be ready for action at all times, and it will come across in your work. Getting in the habit of standing will also have positive long-term benefits on your health, which will naturally give you more endurance and intensity for your work tasks.

The better you feel, the better you work. That is a main principle of ergonomics. Many people are not even aware how much their negative physical or mental health affects their work efficiency and general well-being. Sometimes a simple adjustment like changing the position you work in can have a dramatic impact on the quality and quantity of your work.

Reduce Back And Neck Pain

A very common reason for the switch to standing desks is neck and back pain. Participants of a study reported a 32% improvement in lower back pain following several weeks of working at a standing desk. 

Are You Ready to Try a Standing Desk?

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