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Our 5 Favorite Zen Office Ideas For 2021

Our 5 Favorite Zen Office Ideas For 2021

2021 has been stressful. Those who can keep calm in the eye of the storm will see their patience pay off in their results. When creating a Zen-like office space, it’s key to consider what makes you feel most comfortable so that you will be able to give your best performance for the longest amount of time. Lighting, colors, decor and visual breaks from your screen are all key aspects of designing the Zen home office of your dreams. This blog will give you our five favorite Zen office ideas for 2021, including Zen office furniture and decor ideas that will help keep you cool in the heat of any high-intensity moment on the job.

Choose an Ergonomic Chair

The most important element of your Zen home office is your chair. You spend the most time out of your work day on your tush, so it’s important to invest in a chair with the cushioning and versatility needed to keep you comfortable for extended periods. Consider weight and height adjustments, mobility and other high-end features that will ensure your long term comfort and productivity.

Orient Your Desk Towards Natural Light

It’s important to pay attention to how light affects your eyes throughout the day. A desk is another key piece of Zen office furniture that can make the difference between high-efficiency work and total discomfort and lack of focus. Organize your Zen home office around the power of natural light and you’ll be blown away by the results.

Give Your Eyes a Resting Place

Don’t get caught in a foggy zombie haze that contributes to poor work performance and mental health. Your eyes are your most important muscle for your office work, so you have to be conscious of how hard you’re working them. Take the time to look away from your screen several times in a single hour. A great resting place for your eyes is a distant screen, artwork, or window with a view. The more engaging you can make your Zen home office, the easier it will be on your eyes as it puts in the work that gets you paid!

Choose Decor That Makes You Comfortable

It’s your office! There’s no reason it should look like the generic fluorescent-lighted cubicles of the office dark ages. Anything from an air purifier to a nice speaker system could make the difference between your happy place and an ergonomic nightmare. Consider bright colors, calming imagery and a Zen-like ambiance that will allow you to tap into your deepest flows of consciousness.

Get The Right Desk!

Zen home office layouts should be built around the desk, which will anchor the entire space. Today, there are countless options including standing desks, executive desks and more. Whatever your work needs require, it’s important to shop around for the best fit as far as size, surface space, storage options, and looks.

Are You Ready to Get in The Zone?

Browse Shopango’s elite selection of chairs, desks and more to outfit the Zen office you need to get into your ultimate work zone. Ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing options are available at great prices with just a click away. And every Shopango order is protected by our shipping and return policy. Shop now to make your work zone go Zen.

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