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8 Must-Have Office Accessories

8 Must-Have Office Accessories

There are some office accessories that are simply must-haves. If you don’t invest in them up front, you will surely be selling yourself short when it comes to your work efficiency and performance. The right accessory could range from a high-end mouse pad that keeps your hands and mind more comfortable throughout the day, or delightful posters and trinkets that provide the small pleasant distractions you need to steal small breaks throughout the day.

This blog will provide eight must-have office accessories for your work from home or shared office space. Increase your privacy, efficiency, and overall well-being by spending the time and money on office accessories that brighten your mood.

  • Tape Dispensers and Desktop Supplies

A cute tape dispenser is a cheap but noticeable bright spot to liven up your desk. Guests will smile at the memorable detail and you can always find quick moments of joy when you take a break from work to admire your unique tape dispenser, stapler or pen.

  • Recliner

Whether you are inviting a guest to step into your office, or you need a break from your main office chair for brainstorm sessions and naps, there is great value in adding a comfortable recliner to your office space. 

  • Calendar or White Board

Keep track of big and small events on your long-term horizon with two of the simplest but most important inventions known to work for at-home employees. Whether you order a customized calendar with significant family photos or a goofy design that reps your favorite book series or sports team, or you’d rather sketch out your abstract plans on a desktop white board each morning, both present an affordable way to add both beauty and order to your daily workflow.

  • High Performance Mousepad

Gamers and graphic designers know how important a great mouse pad is for daily performance. But even if you’re crunching numbers on spreadsheets or typing at a million words a minute, you will appreciate the comfort and performance advantages of a high-quality mouse pad.

  • TV Stand

Don’t strain your eyes by looking at the same screen all day long. Experts suggest taking short breaks between extended screen sessions. Set a timer to 20 minutes and look away at a separate screen in the distance, some artwork, or a cool piece of architecture that can pull your eyes away from the work screen for a quick break. A TV stand is perfect to place any number of accessories and accoutrements, including a second screen.

  • Computer Stand

The position of your computer will greatly impact the health of your neck over time. Are you sitting with good posture as you stare at the screen for hours on end? It’s likely that a computer stand will vastly improve your back and neck support by bringing your focus closer to your natural eye level.

You can work hard and play hard, as long as you stay focused on the task at hand. Keep vintage bottles on hand to celebrate big wins and invite your guests to a glass of your best stuff to push through difficult conversations. 

A fine wine cabinet or bar will display sophistication and social aptitude in ways that a typical office bookshelf or globe just can’t.

  • Mini Fridge

The more time you can spend in your office, the more work you can get done. While you should always schedule breaks for lunch and physical activity, you will find it extremely convenient to keep a mini fridge in your office space. It will save you time on kitchen runs and protect your most prized snacks from nosey neighbors, both at work and in your own home.

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