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Here’s How to Make the Most Efficient WFH Desk Setup

Here’s How to Make the Most Efficient WFH Desk Setup

An efficient wfh desk setup is crucial to staying on task throughout your work day. And in order to stay efficient, one must be able to apply ergonomics to their work space. 

Ergonomics is the study of workplace efficiency. Scientists have found that if you focus on keeping workers comfortable, you will get better performance and overall well-being long term. 

Managers around the world spend big money to optimize their workers’ output. The same principles apply to your work from home setup. Creating the right environment can be the difference between your best performance and your worst.

Keep it Simple

The worst thing for your peace of mind is unnecessary clutter. If you need a little bit of disorder with your papers to feel at home, that’s normal. But a busy collection of useless trinkets and tools is not ideal for your productivity.

Have shelves and filing cabinets to store supplies and files that don’t need to be out and available at all times. Your best option is to keep your main screen, some personal accessories, and some random accutroments that will provide a welcome distraction from your work screen every 20 minutes or so.

Make Yourself Comfortable

The main finding of most ergonomics studies is that worker comfort is premium for performance. Small details like chairs and desks are crucial for keeping your butt, back, and neck comfortable through long work days. Other important additions are accessories like mouse pads, conversation pieces, and framed art that give your office a personal touch you and your guests will enjoy.

Have Positive Distractions

Believe it or not, distractions can be beneficial to your work productivity. It’s healthy to take short breaks throughout the day, so whether it’s a television screen with your comfort shows on a loop in the background or a simple game you can play when you’re brainstorming, never hesitate to add details that help you escape from the grueling day-to-day grind.

Study Ergonomics And Experiment

Don’t be intimidated if you never got great grades in science. The science of ergonomics is much more intuitive than chemistry or physics. All you need to do is pay attention to the small details in your work environment that influence your productivity. It could be anything from the comfort of your office chair and desk height, to the feeling of a mouse pad or keyboard cover on your hands and fingers. 

Every detail of your office can have an effect, so it’s up to you to keep experimenting until you find the perfect balance for your workflow. If you need suggestions, check out ergonomics tips for beginners from some of the nation’s leading researchers in the field. Don’t neglect the impact padded headset or perfectly placed foot rest can have on your day to day comfort.

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