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The WFH Setup Checklist for 2021 and Beyond

The WFH Setup Checklist for 2021 and Beyond

Working from home will transform your work experience in many ways. Not only are you completely isolated from coworkers and managers, you also have to count on your own motivation to get started and stay focused throughout the day. But the hardest part about creating the perfect wfh setup may be creating an environment that is completely dedicated to bringing the best out of your performance.

Study the science of ergonomics and visualize your perfect work setup then start doing your research. Here is a helpful checklist to get started building a wfh setup that will keep you comfortably killing it!


A great desk will set the tone for your entire office. 

Don’t just focus on looks (although aesthetically pleasing desks aren’t hard to find). The most important aspects of a wfh setup are a desk that fits your wfh office space and your personal sizing needs. Your arms, neck, and back could suffer if your desk is not the right size. 

Another crucial detail is the material used for your desk. This is a long term investment that should stand up over time and protect your important devices and paperwork.


Never cut corners on your wfh chair. You will be putting in very intense hours on your chair, and you don’t want your butt and back to pay for it later. 

Shop around and read reviews to make sure your chair is well-equipped for your needs. The fabric and look are important, but other things to consider are if you want a mobile chair with wheels or a stationary chair. A great lifehack is to consider gaming chairs, which can be more expensive, but are well worth the value.

Laptop Tables & Stands

Your laptop isn’t a desktop computer, but it still needs a strong surface to keep it safe and secure while you work. Your lap or coffee table are not good options for long-term laptop use. The most important thing is to shop around for options that fit your specific health and performance needs. Keep room in your budget for a sturdy laptop table and stand that can move comfortably through your house.

File Cabinets

The long term storage of your important files is crucial for your business. Don’t leave it to chance with unorganized or flimsy storage. File cabinets are a standard part of almost every wfh setup. The best options are fire resistant, lockable, and pleasantly designed.

Bookshelves & Displays

When it comes to bookshelves, beautiful modern designs are available to store and display your library collection. Consider the height of the ceilings in your home office and position the shelf strategically in front of your computer screen to display your favorite works to your virtual visitors.


Don't forget about accessories! Monitor stands and mousepads are functional while traditional supplies like staplers and paper also have to be considered.

Shopango is The Go-To For Work From Home Office Needs

Shopango has been partnering with suppliers who have been developing furniture for 20+ years. Thanks to this, we’ve been able to provide beautiful, affordable products that will help you bring your special space to life. 

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