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How to Take Care of Your Office Furniture for the Long Haul

How to Take Care of Your Office Furniture for the Long Haul

Your home office furniture is a big investment. You’re not a major corporation that can afford to replace cheap or unstable chairs and desks. In fact, you need to make sure that your office furniture lasts for a long time.

When you shop for office furniture online, do not sell yourself short. Falling victim to a low price can also land you with low quality products and customer service. Invest in quality the first time.

Buying The Right Office Furniture

Think of it this way:

You will spend more time with your butt in your wfh office chair and with your arms on your desk than anywhere else on most days. Over time, you’ll be causing wear and tear on yourself and on your office furniture. 

Add modifications like vision, back, neck, and wrist support if needed to take the pressure off of your joints and eyes.

Taking Care of Your Office Furniture

Invest in supplies that will take care of the long term look and health of your office furniture. Wooden desk will need different maintenance than leather office chairs. The important thing is to put the attention to detail into each part of your process, from buying to maintaining.

Read reviews to see if a modification will be necessary ahead of time and do your best to shop with sellers who offer strong warranty support. 

With a warranty, you’ll be covered in the event something bad happens to your office furniture. You may even be able to replace it entirely with a brand new piece.

Here are four quick tips to keep in mind that will keep your entire office in good health.

Avoid Heat Damage

Avoid heat damage by utilizing fans and spacing. Computers and devices get hot when running all day and night. Use temperature control tools throughout your office space to protect desks from getting burnt or discolored.

Avoid Direct Liquid Contact

You can use coasters to avoid wood damage, as well as protective lids to prevent the worst case scenario of a spill on your important device or files.

Some office furniture, especially those made of wood, can be easily damaged when in contact with liquids, such as water and soda.

Immediate damage won’t occur, but because wood can absorb liquids, damage can take place over time if you don’t take extra precautions to waterproofing your office furniture.

Use Covers

Utilize covers to protect your devices and furniture from the wear and tear you will inflict over 8-hour days and 5-day weeks. You can also use covers to protect your eyes, fingers, and immune system from all kinds of threats. At the same time, your screens, keyboards, chairs and desks will be protected by replaceable protective covers.


Read reviews and manuals to make sure you are using products that are compatible with your office furniture. Screens and surfaces can be very sensitive to harmful chemicals if you’re not careful.

If you use bleach on a wooden office desk, for instance, you may be doing more harm than good to your furniture. Bleach can sometimes have a chemical reaction with the finishes on some wooden furniture. For this reason, if you ever deal with a spill on your wooden desk, just simply take a damp cloth, wipe the spill, and immediately dry right after.

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