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Techni Mobili Modern Studio Office Chair

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Elegant decoration within serious setting is the best way to get rid of office tension. It adds a touch of a contemporary scene to home or work space with a design that is stylish.


  • Width 26 inch
  • Height 45.75 - 49.25 inch
  • Length 27 inch
  • Weight 27 pounds


  • High back modern office chair providing comfort for long hours session
  • Tilt mechanism with tension control
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • 5-Star steel base with non-marking casters
  • 2-year limited warranty, ships in 1 box
  • Weight capacity - 200 lbs.
  • Material - Fabric

Additional Details

The modern geometrical design made with long-lasting fabric characterizes the seat high back with two smartly fashioned fixed armrests. It also features simple functions such as a pneumatic seat height adjustment, swivel and tilt with tension control mechanism for added customization and comfort. The durable nylon base and non-marketing casters gives more flexibility and mobility to move around. It comes with 2-year limited warranty and weight support up to 200 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tom B.
The right home for the right behind

This chair is so striking! It's beautiful how it looks like a single molded piece (even though it's multiple pieces held together), and the cushion shapes/layout is so unique! I think it's also a tasteful color for being understated and letting its modern style do the talking instead. All that, and it's still rather comfortable...or so I'm told. The one caveat is that this chair is not for everyone. It seems geared for certain body sizes/shapes. From my limited sample, more women enjoy it than men. Do with that what you will. For me, a man of average build and height, it's close, but the back just doesn't comfort quite right - if only I were a few inches shorter, like 5'7" maybe. If it's right for you, consider it a blessing because it's a great chair otherwise.

Denise Denise
Great chair

This chair is so comfortable I have back problems and this is the most comfy chair

Comfortable and reliable

I really enjoy how comfortable and supportive it is. It matches my furniture set as well

Came through Drippin

This seat is comfy and stylish.

Christian Moussa
That Rare Honest Review

This chair is beautiful. There is no doubt in my mind about that, and if you're here reading this, I'm sure there's no doubt in your mind about that either. However, I know you're here to find out about the flaws, and it does have some flaws, which for some might be a HUGE dealbreaker, BUT if you can overlook those flaws, this chair is no doubt the perfect balance between cost and what you get.First off, if you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant anytime soon, do not buy this chair. Stapled on the bottom of the seat is California's Proposition 65 warning."WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."What doesn't cause cancer and reproductive harm these days...Whatever chemicals they are (and they are not listed on the label), I am unhappy to have opened this box inside my home. The smell is not especially pungent, but I did air out the separate parts to let the chemicals escape. I honestly do not know why these chemicals are legal to use. I felt a bit dizzy and my mind was a bit foggy for a brief period while handling the parts, and I'm not sure about other adverse effects they might have, so I suggest opening the box outdoors and letting the individual parts air out for a few days to let the fumes escape completely. This should have been mentioned on the box, and I am very upset it was not.The second flaw, which is more of a heads-up, is that you need to connect the armrests to the backrest BEFORE you connect either part to the chair seat, otherwise they will be misaligned, as they ended up in my case. The plastic molded parts are flexible, so having them aligned at these key meeting points is more important than having any single part align with the base of the seat. If I had followed the instructions in order, I would know that, but there was no special indicator that informs you of this fact, so the alignment is a bit off on my armrests where they meet the backrest. I might resort to taking it apart again to realign them.While putting this chair together was fairly straightforward and instructions were included, it did take me around an hour to do so, mainly because of the issue with aligning the armrests to the backrest, which required that I loosen several screws then retighten them. The headrest, though tightly screwed in, continued to wobble very slightly. I am unsure if that is an intentional feature, but it does not seem so.After putting the chair together, it's as beautiful as it is in the picture, though slightly misaligned at the connection points mentioned and perhaps latently deadly... So, you have to decide whether you value the aesthetics over your life and the life of your unborn child... You can thank China's manufacturing processes for that.On a more positive note... the chair is comfortable to sit in. It is rated at 200 pounds. I weigh around that much and the seat rises just fine. As for longevity, time will tell who will outlive whom.